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Management Made Easy

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, “Life would be so much easier if I could just do dentistry and not have to deal with all the administrative details?” With Neighborhood Smiles, you can!

Neighborhood Smiles, LLC provides long-term management services for doctors who want to develop a trusted brand, outsource bill paying, employee benefits, and marketing.

One Flat Monthly Fee Provides:

  • Dedicated business Coach and Team Trainer
  • Professional HR Services (Payroll, Worker’s Comp, Compliance)
  • Personal and Business Tax Planning
  • Accounts Payable, and Optimization of Deductions
  • Group Discounts on Supplies, Dental Labs, and Workshops
  • Full-Service, Integrated Marketing and Advertising (SEO, Social Media, Print, Referrals, and More)
  • Team Building and Communication Training
  • Increased Productivity – Produce 50% More than National Average
  • AR Management Training, Collections Support
  • Transition support and exist strategy

Most dental practice owners work with a minimum of  twelve professionals to administer these activities. Do you really want to meet with the Yellow Pages ad rep (again), or field vacation requests from your team? This is where Neighborhood Smiles comes to the rescue.

Click here to request a meeting to discover more about our services, and where we’ll be expanding next.